Custom Canvas Bags, Covers & Tarpaulins for Industrial and Domestic Use

We make covers for many various purposes such as screens, dust covers, waterproof covers, machine covers, rack covers, flexible ducting, padded covers, BBQ covers, table or furniture covers, sandpit covers - the list goes on.

Need something covered that will stand up to New Zealand's harsh conditions? Or maybe you're looking for a really rugged dive or sports bag? Perhaps you've just invested in a very pricey piece of equipment that has come with a very underwhelming protective bag? Don't worry, Dwights Canvas has got you covered.

The materials available can be waterproof, mesh, lightproof, translucent, UV resistant, fire retardant, reflective, clear or coloured. They can be made from a variety of different materials like Jute, Cotton, Cotton/Polyester, PVC, acrylic fiber, acetate, nylon, polyester and more.

We are capable of producing bags in small to large quantities and quickly which is something importers will always struggle with. We also get asked to make a lot of one of a kind items to address the gaps in the market where nothing suitable currently exists. We can make bags for storage of equipment, transportation, protection, security, pretty much anything you can think of.

Click on an image below to have a look at the range of custom services that we offer.