About Dwights Canvas Goods Ltd.

Custom Bags

Established on our present Upper Hutt site in 1979 as a canvas workshop that produced a small range of products, contract manufactured for a number of large local companies and repaired or made replacements for a whole range of canvas and outdoor products.

For the most part, the products that we produce now are quite different to what we manufactured originally. However, the same high standard of service and craftsmanship remain true.

We are one of the largest canvas workshops in the lower North Island and provide a diverse range of commercial and domestic products and services. We are very capable of producing specialised one of a kind items and developing canvas products for small production runs with short lead times.

We have a range of equipment capable of cutting and fabricating a wide variety of materials and we take great pride in the standard of our workmanship, we are frequently asked to assess the economic viability of repairing items vs replacement and our team is quite happy to provide this service.

If you have something you would like manufactured, repaired, or just a general inquiry - why not send us a message using the contact form, or give us a call.
Or you can simply just pop in and see us.